Wednesday, March 23, 2011


> okay , here we now , nyna rase macam ouh gosh i wanna loud loud and loud ! nak tahuu kenape ta ? sbb nyna ase LELAKY ta bawak ape ape makne pon ntok nyna noww . sebab dowangg LELAKY . seyesly , nyna nak pelok siblings nyna then nanges ouh :( nape eh PEREMPUAN diciptekan ntok LELAKY ? ta bolee ke tade pasangan dekat dunie neyh , nape mesty COUPLE ? 

> awal perkenalan all are SWEETS . take care , many questions too ask , caring but AFTER a few months , all CHANGES . difficult to UNDERSTAND . boyfiee , dowangg anggap kite neyh macam ape entahh . if ta layan tanye soal jawab dowangg , dowang akan cakap ' kite ta care about hal ehwal dowang ' . even time kite NEEDS supports , mane ade ' SYGG , AWAK NAPE ? ' tadee weyh ! manee kowang GUYS time PEREMPOAN ade probs ? ! 

> nyna engat lagy apee yg awak cakap ngan saye byy ' saye sygg awak saye janjy saye always ngan awak ' noww awak tade , memang amatt JARANG call petah agy TEXT kann . notinkk that i SEE it noww right ? you are only THINK ABOUT YOURSELF GUYS !

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